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ICAEW General Election Manifesto – big ideas from 1.5m businesses 28 April 2015

Big Ben 360pxDrawing on the insights and experiences of 144,000 ICAEW Chartered Accountants, this manifesto identifies what ICAEW sees as the biggest priorities for the next government

Foreword by Michael Izza, Chief Executive ICAEW

Ahead of the 2015 general election the UK faces a choice. We can accept short-term growth with underlying structural problems, or we can chart a more ambitious course towards sustainable prosperity. To do so we must:

  • boost growth;
  • fix the public finances;
  • estore trust in business;
  • address the skills gap; and
  • simplify the tax system.

ICAEW members are business and finance leaders working in the public interest for the long-term benefit of the UK economy. We believe that businesses and governments should focus not just on the next financial quarter but on the next quarter century. In particular, decisions about our membership of the EU should demand a thorough examination of long-term risks and opportunities.

Our policy recommendations are steps in what should be the long-term direction of travel for the UK. Taken together, we believe these five steps towards greater prosperity will help an incoming government to steer the economy in the sustainable direction that is needed.

Download a copy of the ICAEW General Election Manifesto 2015.

You can read more about the ICAEW General Election Manifesto 2015 on icaew.com.


ICAEW is a world leading professional membership organisation that promotes, develops and supports over 144,000 chartered accountants worldwide. We provide qualifications and professional development, share our knowledge, insight and technical expertise, and protect the quality and integrity of the accountancy and finance profession.

As leaders in accountancy, finance and business our members have the knowledge, skills and commitment to maintain the highest professional standards and integrity. Together we contribute to the success of individuals, organisations, communities and economies around the world.

Because of us, people can do business with confidence.

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