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Teesside Joint Supper 2021

Date: 11 March 2021 18:00

Type: Social and Networking

Organiser: Teesside

Join our Teesside Pan Professional Supper Networking Event

A fantastic opportunity to network with professional service contacts throughout Teesside.

Last year’s event attracted more than 100 attendees from the region.

Teesside’s favourite chocolate bars

For 2021, in place of the regular quiz, we will be establishing Teesside’s favourite chocolate bar through a series of knockout ties judged by you the attendees.

Let’s introduce the contenders: (click for more details)

  1. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk
  2. Galaxy bar
  3. Snickers
  4. Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut
  5. Kit Kat (4 fingers)
  6. Terry’s Chocolate Orange
  7. Wispa
  8. Crunchie
  9. Bounty
  10. Dairy Milk Caramel
  11. Mars bar
  12. Twix
  13. Milky Way
  14. Double Decker
  15. Cadbury’s Flake
  16. Curly Whirly

Tonight we will find the answer to the age-long question: What is Teesside’s favourite chocolate bar?

The result will be determined by 4 rounds of discussions by break-out groups.  Attendees will be split across 8 groups – akin to being at a table for our face-to-face Joint Suppers.

There are 16 bars to be discussed (see above and here).

Each group has to consider two bars and establish which one they think is better than the other.  The discussion will end after 7 minutes; groups will get a notification 60 seconds before the groups are closed.  In each breakout group the facilitator/host has a casting vote in the event of a tie within the group.  Each group’s spokesperson will then feed back to the whole audience.

The groups are mixed up for the next round – half the members move on to a new breakout room to enhance everyone’s networking experience during the evening.

The successful 8 bars are then allocated: two bars to two groups.  The groups again discuss and decide who is the winner but must also note the voting of the group’s members.  Again, feedback after discussion closes and if there is a split decision (1 group votes for each bar) then we refer to the individual votes within the two groups.

That gives us semi-finalist 4 bars which are allocated two bars to four groups.  Repeat as above…

That gives us the finalists and all groups consider the merits of the final two bars.  Same feedback process to produce a winner.

Feedback should be no more than 1 minute per group please.

Event information
Rate Cost
Price £16.00 + VAT

18:00 Arrival/informal networking
18:30 Chocolate Bar World Cup will commence
19:30 Chocolate Bar world cup ends
19:35 Informal networking
20:00 Close

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