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Meet the chocolate contenders 2021 8 March 2021

Teesside Pan Professional Joint Supper 2021

Britain’s favourite chocolate bars being considered are below, but first:

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1. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

The original Dairy Milk bar (“with a glass and a half of fresh milk”) is a brand of milk chocolate manufactured by Cadbury. It was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1905 and now consists of a number of products. Every product in the Dairy Milk line is made with exclusively milk chocolate. In 2014, Dairy Milk was ranked the best-selling chocolate bar in the UK. 

There is a variation of taste between the UK Cadbury-produced products and the equivalents produced by Irish Cadbury; the same can be said for locally produced Cadbury products elsewhere in the world.

Slogan:        “a glass and a half of milk in every bar”

2. Galaxy bar

Galaxy is a chocolate bar, made and marketed by Mars, Incorporated, and first manufactured in the United Kingdom in the 1960s.  In 2014, Galaxy was ranked the second-best-selling chocolate bar in the UK, after Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Slogan:        “Think Chocolate – Think Galaxy”


Why have cotton when you can have silk?”

3. Snickers

Frank Mars, founder of Mars, Inc. (originally called Mar-O-Bar Co.), invented the Snickers bar in 1930. The bar is named after one of Frank Mars’ favourite horses, Snickers. But, until 1990, the bar was sold under the name “Marathon” in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, and Ireland

Peanuts are one of the star ingredients in a Snickers bar, and each bar contains about 16 peanuts. About 100 tons of peanuts go into making the 15 million Snickers bars that are produced every day.

Slogan:        “You’re not you when you’re hungry

4. Cadbury Fruit and Nut

The bar was launched in 1926 as Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut, but was renamed Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut in 2003. In the early years, along with the other Dairy Milk varieties, it was advertised as being essentially Dairy Milk with added ingredients.

A mouth watering combination of crunchy almonds and delicious dried grapes all engulfed in Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate to make a chocolate bar like no other

Slogan:        ‘Everyone’s a fruit and nutcase’,

                    (sung by humourist Frank Muir to the tune of the Danse des mirlitons from Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. In 2000, the commercial featuring Frank Muir was ranked 36th in Channel 4’s poll of the “100 Greatest Adverts”.)

5. Kit Kat (4 fingers)

Introduced in August in 1935 by Rowntree’s confectionary business based in York.  Kit Kat, now owned by Nestle, is one of the world’s leading chocolate brands.  Kit Kat’s products are chocolate bars which are composed of three layers of wafer and covered with an inner and outer layer of chocolate, conventionally called “Fingers”.

The name Kit Kat came from the Kit Kat club which was named after Christopher Catling who used to hold a literacy and political club in his pie shop in London in 17th century.  The typical red and silver colours for Kit Kat’s logo has remained constant in the past except for 1942 when the design for Kit Kat’s wrapper was changed to blue to represent the change in recipe due to shortages of fresh milk.  In 1949 with the increased availability of milk, Kit Kat returned to is striking red livery logo

Slogan:        “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat”

6. Terry’s Chocolate Orange

The Terry’s Chocolate Orange comprises an orange-shaped ball of chocolate mixed with orange oil, divided into 20 segments, similar to a real orange, and wrapped in orange-skin patterned foil.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a chocolate product created by Terry’s in 1932 at Terry’s Chocolate Works in York, England. The brand has changed ownership several times, and production was moved to Eastern Europe in 2005. Since 2018, the Terry’s Chocolate Orange is produced in Strasbourg, France, by Carambar & Co.

 Slogan:        It’s not Terry’s. It’s mine

7. Wispa

Wispa is a brand of chocolate bar manufactured by British chocolate company Cadbury. Using aerated chocolate, the bar was launched in 1981 as a trial version in North East England, and with its success it was introduced nationally in 1983. It was seen as a competitor to Rowntree’s Aero (now owned by Nestlé).

Slogan:        “Bite it and Believe It”

8. Crunchie

Crunchie is a brand of chocolate bar with a honeycomb toffee (or known as “sponge toffee” in Canada and “honeycomb” or “cinder toffee” in the UK) sugar centre. It is made by Cadbury and was originally launched in the UK by J. S. Fry & Sons in 1929.

Slogan:        “Thank Crunchie it’s Friday”


9. Bounty

It was introduced in 1951 in the United Kingdom and Canada. It is a coconut filling coated with milk chocolate (which is sold in a blue wrapper) or dark chocolate (which is sold in an orange wrapper) and is usually sold as two pieces wrapped in one package.

Slogan:        “the taste of paradise”

10. Dairy Milk Caramel

Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel has a smooth caramel centre wrapped up in a delicious layer of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. 

The bar was first launched in 1976, originally called Cadbury’s Caramel until 2003, when it was renamed. In early 2009 it was relaunched, with the Caramel name re-emphasised as the main on-pack brand, and the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand logo reduced in size.

In March 2009 a survey carried out by Cadbury Dairy Milk found the Caramel Bunny to be the third-sexiest cartoon character of all time, after Jessica Rabbit and Betty Boop.

Slogan:        “Still got it”

          &        “Take it easy with a Cadburys Caramel”

11. Mars bar

The Mars bar is a candy bar made from chocolate, and depending on the region its produced can include either nougat or roasted almonds. There are 2 versions of the Mars bar, the original being from the UK, and another version sold in the United States. The Mars candy bar has many fans but is most popular in the United Kingdom, where it was originally invented. The Mars bar has gone through some changes to its ingredients over the years, and when the Mars bar was first invented it used chocolate acquired from Cadbury.

 Slogan:        “A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play

12. Twix (2 bar)

Twix is a chocolate bar made by Mars, Inc., consisting of a biscuit applied with other caramel and milk chocolate. Twix are packaged with one, two or four bars in a wrapper

Slogan:        “It’s time to decide which side are you? “


13. Milky Way

This Milky Way was created in 1923 by Frank C. Mars and originally manufactured in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the name and taste derived from a then-popular malted milk drink (milkshake) of the day, not after the astronomical galaxy.

Slogan:        “The sweet you can eat between meals”

14. Double Decker

A contrasting combination of crispy cereal and soft, pillowy nougat, layered up and coated in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate, giving you two bars in one!

Slogan:        “crispy, crunchy, chewy and nutty”.

15. Cadbury’s Flake

The original Flake product was first developed in 1920 and was discovered by chance by an employee of Cadbury’s at the Bournville factory who noticed thin streams of excess chocolate falling from moulds cooled into flaky ripples.

The Flake Girl became famous as a symbol of indulgence and secret pleasure. Her emphasis – to a jingle (“Only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate, tastes like chocolate never tasted before”) – was on allowing herself a guilt-free luxury.

Slogan:        Only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate, tastes like chocolate never tasted before”

16. Curly Wurly

Chewy and curly, wavy and wurly!  A swirly ladder of golden caramel, draped in Cadbury milk chocolate –everyone’s favourite twist treat

An urban legend says that the Curly Wurly was invented almost by accident. A research confectioner at Cadbury’s Bourneville factory, David Parfitt, was examining some left over toffee that had been used for another sweet when he inadvertently invented the unique shape that is now iconic in the British chocolate range.

Slogan:        Miles of chewy toffee covered in creamy Cadbury’s chocolate

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