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Cyber Security update – keeping one step ahead 2 December 2015

Combating the increasing threat of cyber criminals and protecting businesses from the potentially devastating dangers they pose is the focus of an event in Newcastle this week.

cyber-securityNorth East firms are invited to Audit Insights: Cyber Security – Closing the Cyber Gap, at which the threats posed by tech-savvy criminals will be outlined as well as practical advice on how best to protect against them.

Businesses and individuals are invited to be part of a panel discussion at Newcastle University Business School, hosted by the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales), taking place on 4 December from 12:00 – 14:00.

Panel event to be introduced by Newcastle MP

Chi Onwurah MP for Newcastle upon Tyne Central and Shadow Minister for Digital Industries, will introduce the event and respond to comments made by the panellists.

Chi Onwurah said: “The North East boasts vibrant software, tech and creative industries and, as such, we should be leaders in cyber security, but so much more must be done to protect ourselves.

“This event will not only highlight dangers, but also offer solutions and I urge any business from any sector and of any size to attend.”

Businesses are dependent upon use of digital technology

David Arthur, panel host and Deputy President of Northern Society of Chartered Accountants (NorSCA) said: “The vast majority of businesses are completely dependent on the use of digital technology, which has transformed the way companies operate and manage customer engagement.

“As the cyber threat towards businesses keeps growing there has been no let up in attacks. Recent surveys show evidence of high-profile breaches with continuing government concerns.

“The ICAEW wants to ensure that more firms transform their approach to cyber security and leave this event with an idea of how they can not only minimise the risk of cyber crime, but also know exactly what to do should they fall victim to it.”

With data an increasingly valuable commodity, companies must educate themselves on how best to protect their information. The event will look at how best to achieve this, improving secure communication in businesses and the need to consider the threat posed by cyber security throughout their operational processes.

About the event

The event will also look at how pressures to transform approaches to cyber security are also being felt by supply chains where risk management is important. Many high profile security breaches have occurred as a result of vulnerabilities in suppliers.

A 2015 audit updates highlights specific examples of improvement such as emphasis on training to improve basic security behaviour, growing acceptance of the assumed state of compromise, and greater board engagement on identifying critical data.

Panel members

Audit Insights: Cyber Security – Closing the Cyber Gap panel members:
•    Mark Brown (EY): Will summarise the new Audit Insight findings and give advice for attendees that flow from it.
•    Phil Butler (Newcastle University): Will provide thoughts on how to spot and avoid fraud, particularly from the viewpoint of victims.
•    David Arthur (Tait Walker): Will discuss steps that businesses can take to protect themselves from cyber attacks.
•    Martin Wilson (Northumbria Police): Will discuss how police deal with cyber-crime and how attendees can best interact with police if they become a victim

For more information or to register for the event, please click HERE

UPDATE: The Audit Insights report launch event has now taken place. You can now read a summary of the launch event HERE.

ICAEW Cyber Security resource centre

Cybercrime and threats to computer systems have become a major concern of businesses around the world. Our growing reliance on IT and the internet has greatly increased the impact of hacking, security failures and the loss of systems. At the same time, cyber attackers have become more sophisticated and organised. How worried should businesses be?

Find out more about cyber security at icaew.com/cyber

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